Advances in technology lead directly to innovation in engineering. The progress in software engineering coupled with significant improvements in computing power has probably been the most significant factor in the design and engineering of buildings since the digital calculator.

Engineers are able to build larger and larger digital models of structures to analyse more and more complex problems to better understand structural behaviour.

Manhire Associates have always excelled in computer modelling and the use of computer methods. Our capabilities in analysing linear and non-linear problems date back to 1999, and our expertise in plate and solid element finite modelling to simulate behaviour of structures in a range of materials has been developed over almost 2 decades. We use a variety of software tools depending on what we are investigating and develop ‘post-processing’ and ‘import/export’ tools to process and transfer data.

We have expertise in being able to assess a range of effects such as thermal effects on structures, dynamic response and soil/structure interaction. We have assessed the effects of shrinkage and temperature on concrete structures and can analyse structures to assess strains and predict likely cracking. Modelling of the ground and drainage networks helps better understand flood risk and ground modelling techniques are used now not just for earthworks.

Since 1999, Manhire Associates have been using software to generate rendered 3 dimensional structural models of buildings and elements as a design tool. 3 dimensional modelling of buildings has evolved considerably and Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now being adopted more and more in the construction industry.

At Manhire Associates, we use BIM early in the design process so that buildings can be better coordinated sooner.

Monitoring progress in science and technology is essential to our business and being aware of the latest advances keeps the business at the fore-front of technology in engineering.

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Advances in Engineering ensures that the results of excellent scientific research are rapidly disseminated throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for advancing scientific knowledge and developing innovative technologies for the benefit of mankind.

Use technology ground modelling software contouring tolerance conformance. Form finding geometry Post processing tools linking software export and import.

Explore different structural forms and recognize the significance of form and ensuring that the structural form is right. In cases where structure is expressed such as fabric roofs, shells, domes and cable net tension structures, the importance of structural form is obvious and is fundamental to the architecture of a building.

In the design of buried structures, tunnels and basements, again structural form is a key factor in the design of functional and cost effective structures and foundations.

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