Oldfield Retail Park

The Jansons development on Basingstoke Road, Reading was designed by Hives Architects with 2 large retail buildings comprising a new pub, gym and an Aldi supermarket, as well as on-site car-parking and landscaping.

Manhire Associates worked with Hives Architects to develop initial proposals as well as undertaking a Geo-Environmental appraisal of the site. The development offered spaces for a variety of tenants and Manhire Associates assisted Jansons in addressing the various specification requirements of potential tenants. After the Planners approved designs, Brennan commenced work on site in February 2015 as ‘design and build’ contractors. Manhire Associates worked closely with Brennan to overcome the various challenges the site posed such as the wide ranging specification requirements, the limited structural floor zones between demises and the stringent sound attenuation and natural frequency requirements for both the gym and the pub.

With made ground to depths of up to 3 metres, Manhire Associates developed a ground improvement scheme in collaboration with specialist trade contractors utilising ground bearing slabs over vibro-stone columns. This approach offered clear benefits over piled foundations and suspended slabs. 

The ‘below ground’ drainage was carefully designed to minimize excavations and to also ensure the drainage could be routed around the buildings and still discharge under gravity.

The development was completed in 2015.

Architect:Hives Architects
ContractorBrennan Group
  • Leisure & Retail
  • Brownfield
  • Geo-Environmental
  • Ground Improvements
  • Integrated Services
  • Planning
  • SUDS
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